Meet the Team

We are a group of babywearing enthusiasts who love using slings/carriers. Each of us has arrived in the babywearing world via different means and for a variety of reasons. All of us who fit/demonstrate slings have invested in professional training with either Slingababy, Trageschule or Born to Carry. These training schools provide in-depth information regarding technique, safety, types of slings common and unusual, positioning, case studies, real life studies, hours and hours of practise and continuous professional development days. We can show you how to use slings/carriers safely and with confidence. Oxford Sling Library prides itself on being a friendly place where parents can seek practical advice and help in using/buying (new or second hand) slings and carriers.

We also work closely with professionals in our local community. Josie gives regular talks at Parentcraft and is a guest speaker at East Oxford Children’s Centre running a sling clinic. Emily runs her own Trageschule based course teaching midwives and healthcare professionals how to use slings in the hospital setting and beyond. See her Training pages for latest courses. Naomi will soon to open a sling clinic in Bicester.

We use myTurn to track our slings hires. MyTurn requires time to learn its wonders and quirks. Oxford Sling Library was the first library in the UK to use MyTurn and now there are 50x other sling libraries also using this amazing platform. We are leaders in streamlining.

Oxford Sling Library are also the 2nd ‘oldest’ sling library in Britain (of course we know that babywearing has been around for generations, across the world, in all sorts of different guises.) See this time line from East Sussex Slings to see how sling libraries and associated training has blossomed in the UK.

Our current regular volunteers are: Josie, Mariska, Naomi, Beth, Antonella, Jacki, Shin and Rachel. If you would like to volunteer with Oxford Sling Library, please get in touch!

Would you like to volunteer with us?
We are looking for more long-term (6 months ideally however shorter term is also welcomed) admin volunteers. and also people who would like to train as Peer Supporters or Sling Consultants.
**Admin**: we provide training into the wonderful world of MyTurn, our sling tracking platform. Oxford Sling Library was the first sling library in the UK to use it, we set up a MyTurn support page and now there are 50x sling libraries on board using it too.
**Peer Support courses**: check out Born to Carry.
**Sling Consultant training**: Slingababy, Trageschule, Je Porte Mon Bebe.

Oxford Sling Library and Oxford Sling Meet are fully insured by BGI and British Association of Babywearing Instructors BABI.

Trained with Slingababy


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