Meet the Team

We are a group of babywearing enthusiasts who love using slings/carriers. Each of us has arrived in the babywearing world via different means and for a variety of reasons.

All of us who demonstrate slings have invested in professional training with one of more of the UK and European schools: Slingababy, Trageschule, Born to Carry and Je Porte Mon Bebe. These training schools provide in-depth information regarding technique, safety, types of slings common and unusual, positioning, case studies, real life studies, hours and hours of practise and continuous professional development days.

We can show you how to use slings/carriers safely and with confidence. Oxford Sling Library prides itself on being a friendly place where parents and carers can seek practical advice as well as help in using/buying (new or second hand) slings of any type.

We also work closely with professionals in our local community.
Josie gives regular talks at Parentcraft, which is a free course for expectant parents. We have run pop up sling clinics at many of the children’s centres in Oxford and also one of our Trageschule consultants taught a course to midwives and healthcare professionals on how to use slings in the hospital setting and beyond.

Private consultations to parents
We offer private 1-2-1 consultations in clients homes if that’s preferable. It costs more than the community feel of a sling library however it can be useful to choose a time and day if you have particular needs, other children, school run, health limitations etc. See our consultations page for more info.