What people say about Oxford Sling Library

‘Oxford Sling Library is a good way to try out slings before buying and that they (OSL) are also able to help with safe sling use.’
‘I found that using the sling library has really changed our babywearing and parenting experience and has made it so much easier!’ Kat C.

‘It’s a great way to meet other mums and babies too.’

‘The organisers are really helpful and can help you find the right sling for you and your baby at any stage of the babywearing journey: from birth to toddler and beyond.’

‘I love finding similar-minded mums, the opportunity to socialise and chat and feel reinforced in our parenting choices. I think it’s a fantastic concept having a sling library and being able to try something before committing to buying one!’

‘I came along to the sling library for the first time on Friday (one of the pregnant ones!). I didn’t think I’d enjoy it much as I didn’t know anyone but I was so pleasantly surprised by how friendly and helpful everyone was’.

‘I would never have tried a mei tai had I not been to the sling library but it is exactly what I needed. So thanks to all of you, you are doing a fantastic job!’


About Workshops:

‘To be able to ‘mirror’ another person putting on a wrap was invaluable and I would recommend this to anyone’ – Danielle, 34 weeks pregnant

‘Gave me confidence to use a carrier I already had but was struggling to use’

‘Clear demonstrations and very friendly facilitators’

‘Great to have a try of all the different varieties’

‘The workshop did a great job of giving me confidence to try a new and far better tie with our sling’


About Consultations:

‘I’m very happy with my carrier now. Thank you so much for your help. Your consultation was fantastic and the sling library service was wonderful.’