Consultations with Josie

Are you new to slings and would like some advice?
Do you have a baby carrier already but need some help with getting it fitted correctly?
Whatever your reasons to seek assistance with carrying your baby in a sling, a private consultation can help.

Josie offers tailored consultations in the comfort of your own home.

Prices include detailed emails between the client and Josie prior to meeting in order to gather information about what your specific needs are and therefore what slings/carrying aids may suit your family best.

Consultations give you the opportunity to learn at your own speed, at a time that suits you, in a more convenient location. Prices below with frequently inquired about topics.

Half an hour, £25 (one person)
-You’ve heard that a particular sling is good and you want to try it out.
-You have a sling already and you just need some quick fix adjustments to make it comfy, check babys positioning or try an alternative way of using it.
-You can already do a front carry and you’d like to learn how to get baby on the back in a soft structured carrier or tie on carrier.
-You are pregnant and looking ahead at the some of the options for your newborn.

1 hour, £50 (one or two people carrying the same child)
-Suitable for one person trying up to four slings.
-Or your partner/family member to be present and learn up to two slings each.
-You would like to try out some slings but don’t know where to start.
-You have a sling in mind that you’d like to try, along with some other slings to compare.
-You are pregnant and looking ahead at the some of the options for your newborn.

2 hours3 hours, £75 (one or two people)
-You would like to see and learn about a range of options.
-Your partner/other family member would like to try a range of slings too.
-You would like to learn tandem carrying.
-Your carrying needs have changed and you would like to see what other options there are .
-You are pregnant and looking ahead at options for your newborn.

1 hour – 3 hours, £50
-You have newborn twins and would like to learn how to carry both on the front.
-You would like your partner/other family member to learn how to use the sling(s).
-You and your partner want to learn how to carry one baby each.
-You would like to try the TwinGo.

Specialist Health Circumstances
1 hour – 3 hours, £50 (individual) or £80 (for 2 adults)
Detailed email correspondance / phonecalls with Josie prior to meeting.
-A tailored selection of slings/baby carriers will be demonstrated to you, followed by your personal sling fittings of those slings identified as helpful to your needs.

In order to secure a consultation slot, £20 must be paid in advance. This fee is transferable to an alternate day booking provided 24 hours notice has been received. Consultations require preparation in the form of detailed emails to find out exactly what you seek help with, any health issues, worries or concerns in relation to using slings safely, and so to ensure that Josie brings the optimum choices to cater for your families needs.

The £20 booking charge is deducted from the total cost and must be received by Josie 3 days prior to meeting. The remainder amount can be paid at the consultation or afterwards by agreement.

What to expect
Josie can travel to your home and she will bring a selection of slings to you.

Josie discusses the sling options that have been chosen for your consultation. She demonstrates the sling(s) with a specially weighted doll, shows you how to get your baby into the sling, talks through safety, positioning and effective tightening of the sling, then how to get baby out of the sling. Next you try the sling out for yourself, with the weighted doll so that you have tried it once and have gained a little confidence with what goes where. After that, you can try the sling with your baby if you’d like to.
If your partner would like to learn how to use a sling as well, or be actively trying the sling on during the consultation, more time will likely be needed to accommodate the practise time for 2 adults.

All consultations include sling hire for 2-weeks. After that, you are subject to the  Oxford Sling Library hire prices. Please note, Josie will take your debit card details to be stored securely on as the deposit for you having items from Oxford Sling Library. Rehires can be made/paid for much more easily this way.

Please use the booking form on the About Us page, then Contact Info on the drop down menu to find out Josie’s consultation date availability.