Sling donations

We welcome your donations of slings or carriers to Oxford Sling Library.

Do you have a sling or carrier that you no longer use?
Please get in touch via the Contact Us page so that we can discuss further.

Many thanks to the vendors, manufacturers and parents of Oxfordshire who have already generously donated slings to our library collection.



If you have a narrow based e.g. a Baby Bjorn carrier, Carrying Aid International will be very pleased to accept your donation. Carrying Aid International are a group of babywearing consultants and industry professionals who collaborate and facilitate the collection and distribution of donated baby carriers to refugees in Europe.

Carrying Aid International also accept:
Close Caboo‘s. (but not stretchy wraps as it takes too long to teach it when a surge of people arrive from a boat.)
Structured carriers, (except rigid frame types (too bulky to ship).
Mei tai‘s.
Ring slings.

Stretchy wraps and woven wraps take too long to demonstrate to a large group of people fresh off a boat. Also many volunteers working on the group in these conditions are regular volunteers, who actually do not have any official sling training. Carrying Aid International say “It would be marvellous to have trained carrier professionals working in great numbers among the volunteers at every point, but this is impossible to achieve. By the very nature of being familiar with baby carriers, most professionals have young children and family situations that makes volunteering difficult.”
However, many of the volunteers have a lot of practise distributing baby carriers. All donated/shipped baby carriers have a safety information pack inside translated into various languages and visual instructions.

If you are on Facebook, see their page for their latest projects / collections / distributions.
They are doing a great job and we support their work very highly.

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