ON ARRIVAL at St Albans Hall, we ask for
£5 per person or £7 per family

This investment goes towards a professional demonstration & fitting of a sling/carrier and a full range of refreshments being lunchtime and our venue hire costs..

£4 per sling, baby carrier, wrap or Vija top.
£8 for the TwinGo, which is hired per month.

£2 per item: waterproof cover, fleece layer, adult babywearing poncho

£50 deposit, fully refundable, per slings/carrier
Cheques are preferred for ease.
We accept other payment methods.

Collecting Your Deposit / Deposit Refund.
When you have finished hiring from us, let us know and we ask you to sign your deposit envelope to confirm that you have collected your deposit from us.
If your deposit was Paypal, it helps us if you give your bank details or paypal email address to speed up finding your deposit.

Please allow a fortnight for deposit returns after your initial request for it to be returned.

We check through all our records every 3-months as some deposits slip through the net of being returned on time. We are doing our best to find a more streamlined system.