Professional sling fitting at a Sling Library
£6 each
£10 per couple/family

Teaching method:

  • First a sling professional will demonstrate to you how to put on the sling
  • We use specially weighted dolls to teach the method
  • The sling fitter will discuss safety and ways to adjust the sling or carrier to fit you well
  • Then we show you how to take baby out of the sling while supporting your baby

Next you try the sling, using the weighted doll, learning how to put on the carrier, adjust it to fit you, see how it feels to have your hands free and your baby snuggled safely into you. Then you practise taking the doll out of the sling, put the doll down and take the sling off.

Final stage, is that you try the sling with your baby.

Put the sling on, pick your baby up, put baby into the sling, adjust if necessary, settle baby if needed, then take baby out of the sling and put baby into buggy/carseat/onto baby mat.

  •  Time: approx 15 minutes (per person)

Hiring a sling/baby carrier
Standard hire of 2 weeks is £5
Monthly hire £10

Rehires are £5 for an additional two weeks
Maximum hire length in a row is six weeks
(to allow more families to try out the slings.

We have many of the same slings eg 6x Ergo 360’s in varying colours and patterns.