Volunteer with us

Would you like to volunteer with Oxford Sling Library?
We run seven sling libraries per month at four locations: Grandpont, Wheatley, West Oxford and East Oxford (venue changing from St Albans Hall (until July 2019) to Flo’s in the Park (from September 2019).

We are always looking for new volunteers to help welcome families to Oxford Sling Library. With the nature of maternity leave and the differing needs and stages of having children, volunteers are always needed. If you’re thinking you might like to volunteer, do get in touch here.

We provide:
Training on MyTurn
Reduced rate hires
Social meet ups
Peer support training paid by Oxford Sling Library.
Consultancy training part-paid for by Oxford Sling Library.

You bring:
Your skills
Your baby (if applicable)
Your strengths / brain power / honesty

If you would really like to fit slings, you need to undertake some official training and be qualified. We have all the information regarding how to go about that. Once trained, you can fit slings during sling library sessions and also run a private consultancy business as well if you wish.
Oxford Sling Library is a fairly big sling library with over 300 items available for hire. We have seasonal stock, which means we keep most of our mesh fabric slings at home during the Winter months.

During your volunteering time with us, you will gain a huge insight into what slings are available generally, learning to recognise each type and from what agethey are suitable for. People have always carried their babies in one form or another. Be part of this worldwide wonder. Make your life a little bit easier and gain so much more development for your baby in the process.