What happens at the Library?



When you arrive, you will be welcomed by one of our volunteers at the door.
You will be given a consultation number and asked to pay the door fee of £5, which goes towards our venue hire costs, you’ll get a short demonstration & fitting of a sling/carrier, advice about your own sling plus a good selection of snacks and drinks.
We have a sign in form, which asks you what type of sling you are seeking help with or looking to hire.

After you have signed in, we call out the number for each sling fitting slot. When your number is called, please let us know where you are!
We have 3 certified sling consultants and 2 certified peer supporters on hand to keep things flowing smoothly.

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We aim to give each person up to 10-20 minutes of time to fit a sling. We are usually very busy and try to adhere to these time slots however everyone’s needs are different resulting in slight delays from time to time.

When the appropriate sling(s) have been chosen and you have been fitted/shown how to use it, we direct you to the payment table where a lovely volunteer will input your sling hire into MyTurn (our software for keeping track of our slings). We take payment plus a returnable deposit cheque or you can use our card machine and your deposit is kept securely and safely.

If you hire an item from Oxford Sling Library, that means that you adhere to the latest version of our Terms and Conditions. Please ask for a copy to read and we can email them to you.

You can hire up to two slings per fortnight.
Hires are for a 2 week time window.

Dads, grandparents, friends, carers are all welcome to come to the sling library. We have limited space for buggies too. Nappy change tables are provided. There are 4 toilets on site and usually a potty for the little ones.



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