Oxford Sling Library reopens on 7th September

Hi! I’m Lucy! I’m Josie’s successor running Oxford Sling Library (I’ve been volunteering for the last two years, completing my peer supporter and then Sling Consultant training.

I’m redesigning our work a little to fit the new normal and so we’re virtually ‘re-opening’ on 7th September. Oxford Sling Library will be back to support your carrying with sling hire (obviously), bookable ‘sling clinic’ appointments via FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom, a new website, online reservations and renewals and secure contact-free drop-off and collection.

My aim is to empower parents and carers through babywearing. I want all parents and carers in Oxford to feel loved and loving, confident and capable (me included!).

If you’ve got an urgent need, you can still get in touch at lucy@oxfordslinglibrary.co.uk (although I’m juggling with childcare and my ‘real’ job (!), so might not be the speediest responder until next week…!

With love,