MyTurn Training

We provide training to our online platform: MyTurn. This program allows us to be paper-free and list all our slings in one place including information about how to use themĀ  and any relevant text. We can see loan histories of all our hirers (admin only) and see which are our most popular slings.

As an admin volunteer with Oxford Sling Library, we will show you how to use MyTurn and give you plenty of practise before a sling library. Live practise really sets your knowledge in stone.

What we provide:
Training days to practise
Admin account
Join online myturn support page
Chance to learn to recognise slings easily
Codes on each hireable item for quick check outs
Internet / hotspot via 4G / WiFi

What you bring:
Laptop or devise that you’re familiar with using
Your baby (if applicable)
Your skills
Your strengths / brain power / honesty