Virtual Demo

Need sling help? Need a sling? We’ve still got your back, even if we’re all keeping our distance…!

What are virtual demos?

Virtual demos are short sling help sessions over video chat with a volunteer sling consultant or a volunteer peer supporter. They’re great for figuring out what you might want to hire, and seeing how to use a particular kind of sling. Our volunteers are working in their own homes with a smaller collection of slings, but we can help you figure out what you might be looking for in the library stock, even if we don’t have it to hand.

They’re usually 20 minutes long, and that gives us time to help you with one main sling topic (if that doesn’t sound like it’ll do the trick, why not consider a professional sling Consultation with Josie?) .

How much is a virtual demo?

In a normal sling library session, we ask for £6 for a demo appointment, but we understand that times are tricky right now. If you can, we’d love a donation to support our service using the PayPal button below (this helps to pay for volunteer training courses, sling library stock and the maintenance and administration behind running a sling library):

How do I book a virtual demo?

  1. Fill in the virtual demo sign up form
  2. Wait for one of our volunteers to get in touch to arrange a time that works for you both!

Simples, as they say!