Group Workshops

New to Carrying: Sling 101

New baby or expecting?
Never used a sling or carrier?
Not sure what’s best or safe?

This workshop is for you!

Master Your Stretchy

Not confident with your stretchy wrap?
Want to get a great carry every time?
Need tips, advice and practice?

This workshop is for you!

Learn to Woven Wrap

Love the look and feel of woven wraps?
Looking for amazing comfort and adaptability?
Want to start your wrapping journey?

This workshop is for you!

Beginning to Back Carry (in a buckle carrier)

Child feeling too heavy on your front?
Love to back carry but can’t do it solo?
Not sure how to get them on your back?

This workshop is for you!

How to book

Online workshops

We run an online Sling 101 workshop once a month, timed to fit into a lunch hour!
£10 or free with code LOVE30 for those that are on a tight budget xx

Regular in person workshops

First Saturday of the month at West Oxford Community Centre
£15 per family for each 1 hour workshop with equipment provided.

Workshops that come to you

This is a great option for baby groups, teams of professionals, children’s centres or NCT friends who want to learn together. I come to you with all that we need for a great session.

We can bring 6 weighted demonstration dolls, so we recommend workshops have no more than 12 participants.

How workshops work

You can bring your baby

It’s totally normal to bring your child with you – and to do your learning around cuddles, feeds, changes etc… We always allow a little extra time for anyone that needs to catch up at the end on anything they missed.

You can bring support

It’s totally normal to come by yourself, and totally normal to bring partners and grandparents to give you a hand! Whatever works best for you 🙂

You can bring food!

It’s hungry work being pregnant and looking after small humans. Feel free to bring whatever snacks and drinks you like (I’m usually lugging big bags of slings and heavy dolls, so biscuits generally don’t survive!)

You can work around a bump

There’s a few things we don’t suggest if you’re pregnant, but there’s plenty of carrying that is possible with a bump – we’ll help you find demo dolls and sling options so you can learn in comfort.

You get lots of love and support

I’m keen to do whatever we can to make everyone feel comfortable and supported. That starts with things like adapting sessions for disability and neurodiversity and getting your name and pronouns right. And throughout the session your needs and choices are respected – we’ll empower you to do what works for you.