Free help

If money is a barrier to carrying, we have your back.

When people book an appointment for 1:1 help, there’s an option to donate to fund a Sling Clinic appointment for someone on a low income.

Thanks to the generosity of our users, there are free Sling Clinic appointments available, giving 1:1 help and advice on carrying for those who would struggle to pay otherwise. If that’s you, just use the code LOVE15 when you book a 15 minute Sling Clinic.

In your Sling Clinic appointment I’ll help use whatever sling you have available. If you need a sling, I’ll do my best to find you a sling that works for your circumstances.

Slings can really make a difference to wellbeing – getting you out and about, helping to juggle your child’s need for closeness, and your need to have your hands back(!), supporting feeding and aiding mood and bonding.

If you think a sling is what you need, but money looks like it’s a barrier, we have got your back.

Love, Lucy xx