Free help

If money is a barrier to carrying, we have your back.

Use the code LOVE15 when you book a Sling Clinic to get £6 off a 1:1 booking – this can be used for a free 15 minute Zoom appointment. In your appointment I’ll will:

  • Help you use slings you have safely
  • Help you figure out what you need if it’s something else
  • Arrange other appointments as needed.
  • Help get a sling to you that works for your budget and circumstances

We have a stock of pre-loved donation slings we give for free to clients who need them.

If you’re a social worker, family practice nurse or support individuals with no recourse to public funds, email Lucy to arrange help for your clients who would benefit from sling support.

Slings can really make a difference to everyone’s wellbeing – getting you out and about, helping to juggle your child’s need for closeness, and your need to have your hands back(!), supporting feeding and aiding mood and bonding.

If you think a sling is what you need, but money looks like it’s a barrier, we have got your back.

Love, Lucy xx