Free help

If money is a barrier to carrying, we have your back.

When people book an appointment for 1:1 help, there’s an option to donate to fund a Sling Clinic appointment for someone on a low income.

Thanks to the generosity of people who take up this option, we’ve got a number of free Sling Clinic appointments available for those that need them. If that’s you, just use the code LOVE15 when you book a 15 minute Sling Clinic to get your free appointment.

A Sling Clinic can help you figure out to get a good carry with what you have available. Where that’s not possible, then we can discuss what we can sell, lend or give, that can give you a safe and comfortable carry, whatever your circumstances.

Slings can really make a difference to wellbeing – getting you out and about, balancing you and your family’s needs, supporting feeding, bonding and the oxytocin ‘cuddle hormone’ that can boost mood and wellbeing.