Hire a sling

How to hire

1. See what we’ve got

Browse our inventory of slings and choose what you’d like to borrow. If you’re not sure, book a sling clinic appointment and we can discuss your needs in more detail and explore different options.

2. Get a free account

‘Create account’ on MyTurn – our library management system. Agree to our membership agreement and privacy notice and our Hire terms and conditions.

3. Reserve what you want for how long you want it

Reserve up to three slings you want to borrow, selecting the start and end dates for your hire. You’ll need to have a payment card on your account to be able to reserve a sling. The system ensures that there is at least three days between placing your reservation and your hire start date to allow us to ‘quarantine’ your slings.

Hires are usually for 2 weeks, and cost 50p a day per item. (You can renew online twice more, for a maximum hire of 6 weeks).

4. Get a confirmation

Receive a confirmation email to confirm your hire with instructions to access our secure sling drop-box on Botley Road to pick up your slings.

5. Pick up your hires!

On the day your hire starts, you’ll receive an email to confirm your slings are ‘checked out’. This is when we take your payment (thank you!) and your slings are available in the drop-box on Botley Road for pick up.

At the end of your hire

Get a reminder and decide to return or renew

You’ll automatically get an email reminder before your hires are due back.

You can choose to:

  • Return your hires to the secure drop-box on Botley Road. Put the orange flag up to indicate incoming slings! (You can do this at any point, but you are not reimbursed for any hire period unused).
  • Renew your hires online, up to a maximum of six weeks. We’re not able to offer continuous hires longer than this at present (however, you’re welcome to hire a very similar sling in a different colour/model for a further period of six weeks if you’d like to!)