Collecting slings for Carrying Aid International

We are collecting carriers for Carrying Aid International who, in March 2016, are going out to Chios to fit carriers to the refugees arriving there.

Oxford friends, Beatrice and Josie, are collecting donated carriers between Sunday 14th February and Friday 18th Feburary. Please get in touch if you have a sling or carrier to donate.
Carrying Aid International, work hard to facilitate the safe collection, distribution and use of baby carriers for refugees in Europe.

Here’s what they’re looking for…. Yes to:
*Baby Bjorns & similar brands.
*Buckle carriers for toddlers
*Ring slings
*Close Caboo’s.

If you have a carrier to donate, contact Beatrice Pritzker (North Oxford) and Josie Hadjiev (South Oxford) to drop off your sling/carrier.

Our collection ends on this Thursday evening as we are packing all the slings on Friday and Beatrice is kindly delivering them all to Exeter on Saturday20thFeb.


Carrying Aid International are always ALWAYS collecting carriers!

“In March, Emily and I are once again heading for the Aegean, this time to work with volunteer groups on Chios.
When we went to Kos last October we managed to take with us 8 enormous laundry bags full of carrier donations and we would like to try to take a similar amount with us to Chios. Although we are sending carriers to the Islands all the time it would be great if we could gather a really good stock to bring along with us….SO…we need donations.

CAI 8 big bags donations

We are still collecting MeiTai’s and some stretchy wraps although we have a good supply of stretchy wraps and we are mostly waiting for the weather to improve before we send MeiTai’s and stretchy’s.
Woven wraps we either cut in half if long enough to make two shorty rebozo’s that we pre-tie, or we sell them to help raise funds for shipping. We don’t use fundraising to cover our own volunteering costs.

CAI sling box sorting

What we don’t take.
*Framed back pack carriers
*Ring slings with padding that inhibits adjustment or plastic rings.
*Baba Slings and Pouches – they are too easily misused and fit a cultural preconception of what you need to carry a tiny baby in a cradle position in. They are more appropriate for distribution in settled populations.

CAI sling fitting woman back carry

If you have a carrier to donate, or would like to get involved with the Carrying Aid Project in some way.


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