Holiday Slings

Did you know that we stock a huge range of slings suitable for hotter temperatures?

These slings/carriers are made of various fabrics such as mesh, bamboo, fast drying non-drip fabric (water slings) and thin cotton/linen/muslin material.

Please note that SUNCREAM CAN STAIN SLINGS and other fabrics so please be vigilant when applying on your and your child’s skin.

  • Soft structured carriers: JPMBB Physio Carrier, Lillebaby (Airflow/All Seasons/Cotton Prints), Connecta (Solarweave/Cotton), Pognae, Emeibaby, Boba Air, Kinderpack
  • Mei tai: Didytai, Babyhawk, Hoptye
  • Ring sling: Wrapamore muslin, BaraBarn, Soul Sling, EllaRoo
  • Woven wrap: Calin Bleu, Beachbaby wrap, Wrapsody Hybrid
  • Stretchy Wrap: Happy Wrap, HanaBaby Wrap
  • Hybrid slings: Hippy Chick hip seat, Suppori hip carrier
  • Water slings: Beachbaby Slings

Please ask us if you’d like to reserve a sling for your holiday.

All sling hires are subject to the usual T&C’s, including an extra £50 deposit, per sling, to cover the sling going abroad.

Have a read of this fantastic article about Summer Slings and Keeping Safe in the Sun.

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