Josie’s 1st Year Celebration & Oxford Sling Meets 7th Birthday

Josie (4)
┬áJosie has been running the Library for one year! She did her first Sling Library on 28th February 2014 right after completing her Slingababy Training. She took over the running of the Library from Guin who set it up along with other mamas. Oxford Sling Meet began when two mamas -Guinevere Webster New Moon Birth & Baby; Mindful Mamma and Peggy Cheyo NCT Postnatal Leader and Antenatal Teacher arranged a get together at Rose Hill Children’s Centre in 2008. They founded a strong friendship and also the seeds of regular Sling Meets were born. The sling library developed organically a few months later. Already Oxford Sling Meet has established itself on the calander of many a new parent and babywearing enthusiast in Oxfordshire.

In 2013 half of Oxford Sling Meet’s library branched off into a separate venue and became Abingdon Sling Library, run by Lou Brown aka The Nappy Fairy.
Oxford Sling Library & previous name Oxford Sling Meet has been helping parents and caregivers carry their children for 7 years and is the second ‘oldest’ sling library in Britain. Carrying your baby is a sling has been happening for thousands of years by tribes all over the world. Britain has some catching up to do!
A year ago, Oxford Sling Library was held in the beautiful Rotunda building in Iffley and was co-run by Rose McAfee (Twin Sling Wrapabyebaby). Josie and Rose held Libraries every fortnight and Meets once a month. We saw many newborns and especially Rose’s speciality: twins and even a few triplets.

Today the Library has residence at St Albans Hall in East Oxford and run by Josie and Emily Edwards who also has her own sling consultancy business: Wear Them With Love.