Top tip for … finding a more comfortable sling

‘Comfortable’ is super personal…! Here’s a few ideas on what to try next if you’re doing all the right things with the sling you’re using but it still isn’t comfy for you:

You want…Slings to try…
More weight to be carried in your waist and hips
Tula Free to Grow, Tula Explore, Beco 8, Ergobaby Omni, Ergobaby 360 (Tula
More physical lumbar supportErgobaby Omni or 360, Beco 8 plus Tula when using the attachable lumbar panel. LilleBaby are have a great lumbar panel too, not often seen this side of the Atlantic though.
To stop finding that you’re leaning back when carrying (even with a nice high snug fit)Fabric with zero stretch in that wraps behind and in front of you: meh dai, half buckle, woven wrap are ideal.
More weight to be carried in mid and upper torso and less into your pelvic floor/ C section scarZero or minimal waistband and crossover straps: Integra, Embrace, Hatchling, Zensling, Marsupi, meh dais, woven wraps, ring slings, stretchy wraps.
Hip carry that doesn’t dig into your neckSpreadable one shoulder options: ring slings, MiniMonkey Mini Sling, shorter woven wraps, plus Scootababy from 4/5 months+
Less digging and chafingSoft spreadable fabric – half buckles, meh dais, woven wraps, stretchy wraps.
Less getting sweaty!Lighter fabric with natural fibres or technical elements (e.g. mesh panels) – Hana stretchy wraps, Integra Solars, MiniMonkey Mini Slings, Tula ‘Coast’, Linen or Hemp variants, Ergobaby Cool Air Mesh or Breeze versions, Tula Lite, Marsupi Breeze, woven wraps or ring slings with a low fabric weight – e.g. Calin Bleu gauze wraps, Wrapsody hybrids
Totally amazing adaptable comfort that you can get just right for you guys … but with practiceWoven wraps!

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