Ama Wrap, Grey

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Donated one and a half way stretchy wrap in great condition, with just a small area of colour fading.

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This kindly donated wrap is in great used condition.  It’s a one and a half way stretchy wrap, which means it can be tied in a pocket wrap cross carry (with a bit more precision than a two way stretchy wrap), or as a front wrap cross carry (as you would with a woven wrap).  It’s a lovely cuddly jersey, and a classic option for smaller babies in particularly – great for easing the womb-to-world transition in the fourth trimester in particular!

Lucy with plastic demo doll in Ama wrap
Pocket wrap cross carry, with a shoulder flip
Close up showing labels
Close up on labels (older logo), showing a small area of faded colour

Sales patter from AmaWrap:

This classic, understated colour adds a lighthearted feel to your outfit. Its versatility and the one size fits all nature means that everyone can get in on the babywearing fun and makes a wonderful gift. The fabric has been developed with you and your baby in mind.

100% natural cotton, meaning that it is supportive yet lightweight, and soft on your newborn babys skin.

Suitable for twins – they love being close to you and each other at the same time

Certified as Hip-Healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, and multiple ways to support babys head.

Made in the UK by a local manufacturer meaning our wraps are made with love and care, a fair wage, and minimal carbon footprint.

Our on site sling experts are here to answer any questions you may have and support you at all times.

Mumsnet Recommended

Wonderful bonding tool between you and baby – baby feels soothed hearing your heartbeat and breathing.

Your baby is exactly where they need to be, while you get on with your day