Ergobaby Adapt, Black

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Ex-library stock. In good used condition but faded. Great carrier, designed with small babies in mind, but adaptable all the way up to back carrying.

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The Ergobaby Adapt has been a really popular carrier in the sling library!  It’s starting to fade, which is why it’s in the sale, but it’s in good used condition.

Adapts were released before the 360 Omni, but they’re still being sold by Ergobaby, mainly because they are a really great carrier!

It’s arguably a bit better adapted for tiny babies than the bulkier Omni, with both velcro adjusters at the base of the panel to reduce the width, and popper adjusters to take some extra depth out of the side of the panel too.

It offers front facing in, hip or back carries.

Crossable straps, safety elastics, integrated hood under neck pillow, integrated lumbar support.

You can read more about it at

Lucy and creepy demo doll, carrying front facing in in Adapt

Inside of front panel, showing velcro adapters to adjust for baby size, plus some sling library labelling