Ergobaby Aura wrap




The Ergobaby Aura is a one (and a bit) way stretchy wrap. This means that it stretches more along the width and only a little along the length.

It can be tied in a pocket wrap cross carry, and baby popped in afterwards (you might need to work some slack out with this method, as it involves a little guesstimating the right tightness), or as a front wrap cross carry (as in the picture). The latter is the same carry you often start with when using woven wraps, but the narrower width of this sling (c.50 cm) and snuggly jersey make it a great option for those with smaller babies.

Read more about the Aura, see how to tie it, and book a borrow of our current library stock if you’d like to try an Aura out. As this pre-loved Aura is a donated sling, it can’t be hired under the terms of our insurance.