Girasol woven wrap, size 2


Ex-library stock. Fantastic used condition, but just doesn’t get hired a lot!  Time for it to find a forever home 🙂

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Woven wraps are amazing for carrying! (And for impromptu sun shades, blankets, hammocks… !)

Yes, there’s a level of skill and practice required, but what you can achieve with just a length of great quality woven fabric is amazing. From the different carries (front, hip, back) to the different finishes (candy cane chest belts, flat reef knots, fancy twists and knotless secure tucks…) it’s a whole geeky subculture of carrying!

This wrap is a size 2, so the shortest length of woven wrap. You can read lots more about wrap sizing and carries, but the upshot is that this means that it’s probably not for brand new beginners with a tiny newborn. The typical starting point is a Front Wrap Cross Carry with your base size wrap, which for me (of fairly average build) is a size 6, so if you’re new to this, we’d recommend starting with something a bit longer!

Size 2 wraps are fantastic however, as they fold up super small (great to have as an back carry option on you), and do the simplest carries – like a straightforward single layer hip carry. Like a ring sling, with a knot instead of the rings!  Or a ‘No No No’ carry – which I love (No Knots, No Rings, No Way?! WAY.)

Creepy demo doll in hip carry
Super quick single layer hip carry with a slip knot and my lovable creepy demo doll! Not as instagram-worthy a finish as I’d like but by now my toddler had a made a thick mud/sand/water ‘paint’ and was looking ominous…