Marsupi Velcro Carrier (Breeze, large size, missing strap)

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Well loved ex-library stock. Missing accessories.

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60% linen, 40% cotton.
Oeko-Tex 100 certified and organic.

Newborn/3.5kg up to 15kg, on your front or on your hip.  Super simple fastening – the velcro wraps around your baby like a big hug.

Marsupis are sized – this Large size is designed for adults with a waist circumference 65-100cm & height taller than 175cm.

Integrated head support and straps that cross across your back. This Breeze lightweight edition is great for summer wearing or for wearers that find other carriers leave them a bit hot!

Ex-library stock – library stock markings and pen marks. In good used condition, structurally sound.

Cinching strap to reduce the width of the base has sadly been lost, as has the storage bag you usually get with Marsupis. However, to reduce the width of the base for smaller babies, you could always just tie a piece of ribbon or similar if needed, and simply find another cotton bag to store it in (to prevent the velcro picking up lots of fluff!!)

Close up showing black pen markings with 178L code

Code on inside of front panel in pen
Inside of front panel