Scootababy, Slate (V3)

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Ex-library stock. Good used condition, slight faded colour patch on main panel and sling library labels.

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Great piece of kit for older babies (5 months plus). Fantastic as a hip carrier, and you can then (when your child can sit unaided) scoot them round for a quick back carry if needed. Ideal for a little one who wants to watch lunch getting made, but who you can scoot out of the way if they start reaching for anything dangerous in front of you!  One buckle at the waist, then a simple pull-tightener on the shoulder.Lucy wearing Scootababy in a hip carry with creepy plastic 8m old dollSales patter from Scootababy:

The Scootababy Hip Carrier is a hands-free carrier that distributes weight evenly across the wearers’ waist and shoulder and is suitable for babies from 5 months upward, 15 to 37lbs (3 years+)

Promoting face-to-face interaction that babies and toddlers adore, the Scootababy is a truly innovative carrier that takes up where other infant carriers leave off and excels at carrying heavier babies and toddlers.

Machine washable, the Scootababy is a supportive, comfortable hip carrier that parents will enjoy using with their little one for many years, and what parent doesn’t need an extra set of hands!

Product Features:

  • 5 months to pre-school (up to 37lbs)
  • easy On and OFF features
  • custom designed buckles that easily adjust with one hand
  • distributes weight evenly between hip & shoulder
  • lightly padded, high-back seat for baby
  • legs-out padding at base of carrier for optimum comfort
  • stretchy, supportive fleece shoulder won’t impede arm movement
  • fixed elastic hoop allows front shoulder strap to be neatly rolled up
  • sturdy construction with reinforced seams
  • high quality tested materials
  • folds compactly and stores/transports in its own nylon bag
  • machine washable
  • EN13209-2 Soft Carriers Certified