Sling hire & support service


Welcome to Oxford Sling Library

We are a community group, who encourage safe and correct use of slings for carrying babies and children.

Pop by to see us for a baby carrier/sling fitting at St Albans Hall, Charles Street, East Oxford OX4 3AH.
Oxford Sling Library runs every two weeks on a Friday starting at 12.30 until 2.30pm.

On arrival: £5 (per person) / £7 (2 adults) – you will be shown how to use a sling/baby carrier by a qualified professional. It also covers our room hire and refreshments.

Hiring: £4 for a two week initial hire.
Subject to the latest edition of our Terms and Conditions.

Deposit: £50 required. Cheques preferred, other methods accepted.


There are many benefits to using slings, primarily:

Babies love to be held.
Children love the feeling of absolute security that being carried brings.
Slings help with emotional, mental and physical development. A child has their primal needs met.

Attachment – creating a wonderful bond between you and your child.
Breastfeeding – learn how to use slings as a breastfeeding aid.
Cuddles/Comfort – carrying your baby or toddler gives you both extra snuggle time. Slings are very comfortable to wear and distribute the weight of your child evenly on your own body.
Doing – get lots of things done! Baby experiences the world from your viewpoint and has the chance to observe facial expressions and interactions.
Effortless – once you learn how to use a sling, it can mean that you can quickly turn around a stressful situation into one of calmness for you and baby.
Freedom – using a sling can mean that you can go anywhere that your legs will take you including previous obstacles e.g. up/down a flight of stairs, trek along a muddy path or navigate a crowded high street/shop/festival. Slings take up much less space than a buggy and are smaller to pack for journeys.
Gives your older child some 1-2-1 time if newer sibling is settled in the sling.
Hands free. Hurrah, you have the use of both your arms! Who knew that cradling baby in arms is actually quite tiring?

Slings are your ultimate multitasker: snug and soothing for baby/child, closeness gained in togetherness and familiar proximity, slings assist with spinal alignment, encourage optimal hip position, help avoid flathead syndrome, slings promote neural pathway development and optimise regular breathing.

Whether you are a pregnant mum, have a newborn baby/multiples, are adopting a baby; perhaps you are a grandparent or carer of a child, or you would like to carry your toddler or preschooler, Oxford Sling Library has options for you.
All hires are subject to our Terms and Conditions.