Slings to keep

Library slings
for sale

  • Borrow sling as usual
  • Try it out and see if you like it
  • Email Lucy if you’d like to buy it off us

Can I buy the sling I have if it’s not listed ‘for sale’

Sometimes! We’ll need to replace it in stock so generally ask for the replacement cost. Email Lucy to see!

Slings for free

Sometimes we have slings that we can just give away for free! You can always buy us a coffee if you’d like to say thank you.

Why are they free and not in the library?


  1. They have stains, fading or bobbling below our ‘for sale’ threshold.
  2. They’re structurally sound but need a fix or additional something to improve their use
  3. They pass a TICKS safety check but not a HANDS check (safety + optimal comfort) without a hack (e.g. BabyBjorn scarf hack)

Brand New Slings to buy

We have a limited stock of brand new slings to buy, but we can order on your behalf from most manufacturers! Email Lucy to ask – for some brands we have discounts!

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