Back Carrying with a SSC

Venue: St Albans Hall, Charles Street, East Oxford, OX4 3AH
Workshop start time: 10am
Workshop end time: 11.30am

A workshop specifically focussing on how to safely carry a baby/toddler on your back using a soft structured carrier (SSC).
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We will cover:

– optimum positioning in relation to back carrying
– getting familiar with your chosen SSC
– [[ brief look at front carrying ]]
– getting baby/toddler on your back
– securing and tightening the SSC
– getting baby/toddler off your back

I teach in 3 parts, so we’ll repeat the back carrying technique twice together first then I’ll pair participants up to teach one another. A great, fun and interative session!

IMPORTANT: To use a SSC for a back carry your baby should be able to sit unaided and have good head control. It is hard to say exactly when this occurs (in terms of age) as every baby is different as to when they reach these developmental milestones. This workshop is therefore only suitable for parents/carers of babies 6 months and up. If in doubt, please contact me BEFORE booking to seek advice and clarification.

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