Pop Up (WOCA) Sling Library

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    Pop Up Sling Library

    Due to all our August sling library events being cancelled due to volunteers August holidays, we are running a one off extra sling library from our Botley venue: West Oxford Community Centre. Come and find us in the smaller room (Mary Town Room) on Friday 20th July.Oxford Sling Library are providing a micro sling library so that you have more opportunities to get sling support or holiday hires in before we close for August.£3 entry per adult to cover room hire.

    We won’t be bringing to entire collection, just a small selection!Slings are already in Botley but if you specifically want something that you can see is in stock, https://oxfordslinglibrary.myturn.com/library/inventory/browse
    then get in touch with Josie at Oxford Sling Library HQ.

    It’s £6 to reserve an item and that pays for a two week hire or £4 to hire an item on the day.

    We will rehire, for free mid August, any hires that are due back while we are closed.

    Use this form if you want to get in touch to request a reservation.